Summer is Nearly Here!

Camp Kipanga offers a unique summer camp for children ages 5-21 who struggle with peer relationships, impulse control, fitting in with others, coping with emotions, and related difficulties. We offer children with social challenges the extra support they need to have a successful summer camp experience.
At Camp Kipanga all campers enjoy a typical summer camp experience while being surrounded by supportive and professional staff. Find social success here!



What’s New at Camp Kipanga:


Boys and Girls work together on building their social skills and learn how to interact better through games, art and programs. Plus there’s daily swimming and lots of outdoor time!


Our teens ages 14-21 work on building a business from the ground up: Budgets, Business Plans, Production and Sales. They will learn skills they can use well into the future!


At Camp Kipanga we treat each camper with compassion and respect, and we hand pick the best staff there is!