Entrepreneurial Program

Participants will run a self-sustaining business on campus. They will interact with other students, faculty and campers as they create a business plan and implement it. Each participant will in all aspects of the business, from market research and business planning to creating the product, retail, budgeting and more!


Bake Sale TTE 1 - Copy

 Summer 2015 

The TTE program 2015 was spectacular! The teens did such a great job of planning and running a successful business. The teens made a PROFIT and were able to donate $150.00 to the Ramapo- Bergen Animal Shelter in Oakland, NJ. A volunteer from the shelter came and brought a dog for our teens to meet. She educated the teens on what it take to run a shelter and where their hand earned donation was going to go to. The shelter took in a dog and the donation was going to go to help pay for medical expenses to get the dog ready for adoption.