What Parents are Saying:

What Parents Are Saying:

“It was an unbelievable opportunity to find a place that accepted and embraced my boys. It gave them the camp experience that I had searched years for.” (Parent of two campers)

“My son loved the Total Teen Experience. He took his work experience very seriously and gained confidence and self respect. He can’t wait for his summer to do it again.”(Total Teen Experience parent)

“J– has gained self confidence through the program, and now sees that he has the potential to work independently in the future!” (Total Teen Experience parent)

“My son looks forward to this each summer and enjoys hanging with his friends. It’s wonderful to have him want to be around other kids his age and not his video games!”(Camp Kipanga parent)

” My main goal was for my son to learn social skills, not only did he improve his social skills, he made friends and loved every minute of the camp and is looking forward to next year.”(Camp Kipanga parent)