11834722_454203124760059_4603029553066134022_oFun Activities – Some camps offer sports, games, skits, drama, music, swimming, adventure, crafts, and much more. 

Friendship – At camp children make new friends and renew familiar ones, often becoming friends for life.

Adventure – New experiences challenges campers to learn (age-appropriate) outdoor skills and thrills, in nature, through sports, arts, and other fun activities. More than that, they learn trust, self-confidence, and problem-solving in an affirming atmosphere.

Cooperation – Campers learn to play, work, and socialize with others whom may be different from them or unknowingly similar.

Responsibility – With encouragement, campers learn to do things for themselves and for others, and to see the results and rewards of their actions.

 Appreciation – Opportunities  are given to develop new interests and make a contribution to the group in a setting designed so each child can be successful.

Health – Campers eat well, enjoy wholesome outdoor activities, and learn to care for their physical, social, and emotional needs.

Independence – The separation really will be good for both the camper and their parent(s)/ caregiver(s). It gives them a chance to test what you’ve taught them, and learn from others. Plus, you’ll both enjoy the fun of their sharing exciting new experiences when they come home each day.

Summer camp is one of the best sources of emotional growth, learning, fun and adventure available to a young person during the summer vacation months.

4/1/201595 days 2It has been a very long winter season! We are excited and getting ready for our upcoming camp season! We have been interviewing staff and planning our activity schedule. Can’t wait to see everyone soon!


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Summer camp, whether day camp or sleep-away, is all about friends, fun, and leaving the familiar behind to step into new territory. Here are some books about getting ready for camp that may help your camper prepare for the summer.

1. Froggy Goes to Camp
2. Bearenstain Bears Go to Camp
3. The Fabulous Bouncing Chowder
4. Wolf Camp
5. Cowboy Camp
6.Runaway Ralph
8.The Summer Camp Survival Guide
9.How Tia Lola Saved The Summer

10.Tacky Goes to Camp
11. Couple of Boys: Best Week Ever


Top 5 Reasons Summer Camp is Important for your Child:
1. Changes Kids for the Better
2. Gets Them Moving
3. Keeps Their Minds Sharpsafe_image
4. Gets Them to Unplug
5. Encourages Play and Socialization
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What is your favorite summer camp movie?

Below is a small list of summer camp movies to get your camper ready for the Summer:

1. Meatballs
2. Race for Your Life Charlie Brownmovie
3. Space Camp
4. Camp Nowhere
5. Parents Trap- all versions
6. It Takes Two
7. Indian summer
8. Little Darlings
9. Adventures of Spin and Marty
10. Heavy Weights
11. Poison Ivy
12. Camp Rock 1 & 2
13. Adams Family Values
14. Ernest Goes to Campmovie2